Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House (1967)

Epicly epic psychedelic epic from Roky Erikson and co, the opening track on the Elevator’s brilliant second album Easter Everywhere.

The song is kind of a siren’s call to non-psychedelicised America to quote-unquote slip inside this house as you pass by.

In the house, all kinds of great things will happen. Y’know, like your limbs dissloving and Bedouin tribes ascending and thunder yawning and sages telling stories and three-eyed men not complaining becuase they can yo-yo where they will and your life starts to unfold as you uncover higher worlds.

And things and stuff.

What I love about this is that it’s completely of its time (1967) but has aged /really /well compared to Jefferson Airplane etc. Eight minutes of stripped-back mildly wigged-out rock’n’roll just fly by!

The bubbling synth sound running through the whole track is, I assume, an electric jug (not that kind of electric jug).

And don’t forget, there’s infinite survival in the high baptismal glow!

Slip Inside This House by 13Th Floor Elevators  
Download now or listen on posterous

01 Slip Inside This House.mp3 (11331 KB)


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