Bert Jansch – L.A. Turnaround / A Rare Conundrum / Santa Barbara Honeymoon (7/10)


Anyone who is frequently name-checked by Jimmy Page and Neil Young as a key influence, as Bert Jansch is, has got to be something pretty special, right? These re-issues of three of Jansch’s mid seventies albums don’t in themselves give much away in terms of why he carries so much cred with top shelf rock legends, expect that he’s a guitarist’s guitarist (a subtle acoustic stylist rather than a shredder) and a pillar of British folk.

Picks of the bunch here are L.A. Turnaround which courts JJ Cale-style smooth country rock, and the stripped back A Rare Conundrum. These releases will be big news to existing fans and well worth investigating for fans of Fairport Convention, John Martyn, et al.