We saw The Vaselines play their first gig in 20 years

at the Forum in Kentish Town. It was way cool. Venue wasn’t packed but people were totally into it. First gig in 20 years, shit…

Everything sounded a bit bigger and tighter than the records but without losing the original vibe.


They had real good onstage man-lady banter, bit like Handsome Family, assisted by entertainingly Scottish accents. I think they were stoked to be doing it.

Played all the “hits”. From memory they opened with Son of a Gun, plus Dum Dum, Monster Pussy, Rory Rory Ride Me Raw, Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam, Dying For It.

Lots of other stuff, anthems all. Plus two new songs which sounded great, maybe a little more mellow.

They did their Divine cover (Think You’re A Man) as an encore.

Cutest  thing was bringing a guy out onstage specially to do the bicycle horn toots in Molly’s Lips.