30 yrs after they took the world by storm we see The Buzzcocks

from above, looking across a heaving ocean of moshing shineheads from a balcony high in the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Pete Shelley is portly, balding, dressed badly and flamboyantly in a Mondrian-inspired shirt, velcro-fastened leather slippers, and high-waisted zipper-pocketed black parachute pants. Still, he sounds like Pete Shelley. He is Pete Shelley!

The other original ‘cock, Steve Diggle (guitarist and singer of the really great Autonomy and Harmony in My Head), drinks copiously from a bottle of bubbly, getting progressively drunk and drunker. Audience hand slapping and heroic guitar posturing ensues, giving way to microphone stand bashing and finally an impassioned call to arms. The audience members must foment a punk revolution, tomorrow! Seems unlikely, but the rock’n’roll spirit is mos def alive in this man.

The encore runs through what’s left of Singles: Going Steady. Shelley stumbles on the occasional too-rapid lyric (What Do I Get?), Ever Fallen In Love is sloppy, Diggle’s reverie gets the better of his BVs. But somehow it seems better this way, than if the whole thing was seamless. In any case, the sound of the aged audience singing along more than fills any gaps.