British Telecom runs a service

whereby you can text 118118 with any question and they (probably a call centre in India?) will text you back with an answer (usually involving a phone number). These are my questions from 29 0ctober 2008.

ME: What herbs grow best in herne hill out of the sun?
118118: You can call Appleton Pauline Herbalists on 02082994232.

ME: How can I stop foxes from peeing in my backyard?
118118: Fox repellents are available to stop foxes fouling on your lawn.

ME: What’s the best second hand record store in south london?
118118: Rat Records, Camberwell, London, SE5 0RW. 07795 42 45 75.

ME: How do rumours start?
118118: Someone stats [sic] something, then spreads it around to others.

ME: What’s the best second hand record store in north london?
118118: Try Blacker Dread Music Store at T: 0207274 5095 or Maestro Records at T: 020 7635 7299.

ME: What’s the best second hand record store in east london?
118118: You can try Rat Records T: 07795424575, Sister Ray T: 02077343297, and Reckless Records, T: 02074343362.

ME: When is todd terje next playing in London?
118118: No Published Information. However, Todd Terje will be at The Tube in Beograd, Serbia tomorrow (30 October).

ME: When are the bees next playing in london?
118118: Their next show will be on Jan 19, 2009.

ME: When are the bees next playing in south england?
118118: Event Listings for The Bees: Tue 09 Dec 19:30 Liverpool Static Gallery, Wed 10-Dec 19:00 Leeds Hi Fi Club

ME: Who does the best pizza in london?
118118: La Caricatura 33 North Audley St, LONDON W1K 6ZQ Tel: 020 7629 7070.

ME: Where in london does vegetarian yum char?
118118: Nearest matches are Green Gourmet at 115-117 King Street, Newtown and Young Cheng at 76 Shaftesbury Avenue.

ME: What is the dharma-body of the Buddha?
118118: The teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment. The constituent factors of the experienced world.

ME: Who is better – the rolling stones or the beatles?
118118: The Beatles if you based it on the #1 hits. The Beatles had 27 #1 hits while the Rolling Stones had 8.

ME: Where did the bilderberg group meet this year?
118118: The Bilderberg Group met in Chantilly, Virginia, United States for their 2008 conference.

ME: Who will win the premiership in 2009?
118118: Its very early to say the results. However base [sic] on there [sic] performance Liverpool has a big chance to win.

ME: Who will win the 2008 nz general election?
118118: A general election will be held in New Zealand on November 8, 2008.

ME: Who will win the 2008 nz general election?
118118: Prime Minister Helen Clark appears to be in the lead for this election.

ME: What does jayne want for her birthday?
118118: Give her something that she really likes, it doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it comes from the heart.

ME: Why do men have nipples?
118118: Humans follow a template until about 6 weeks, when the males sex chromosome kicks in for a male embro [sic].


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