Chingy, Joe Jackson

Hate It or Love It
Def jam/Universal
Chingy’s new album is a focused affair, mercifully free of skits and filler. On ‘Check My Swag’ and ‘Gimme Dat’ he offers up the Dogg-style sleazy commercial hiphop you’d expect. Then Amerie guests to good effect on single on ‘Fly Like Me’, and he even manages some socially conscious soul on ‘All Aboard’ and ‘How We Feel’.
ipod essential – Gimme Dat

Leona Lewis
Uniformly trite, occasionally unlistenable, r’n’b pop from reality show winner Leona Lewis (the UK’s answer to Kelly Clarkson?). Lewis’s strong voice and slightly androgynous glamorous good looks make her ideal pop star material, but the songs here are downright woeful: generic mid tempo ballads with lyrics straight out of a high school diary.  Avoid if possible.
ipod essential – Bleeding Love

Joe Jackson
Soul pop veteran Joe Jackson’s new LP is a hit and miss affair. Occasionally pretty great (the first couple of tracks, ‘Invisible Man’ and ‘Too Tough’, have a good dose of prime Elvis Costello about them), in general he veers too much into soppy piano ballad territory (Wasted Time). The upbeat numbers offer a few highlights.
ipod essential – King Pleasure Time


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