Operator Please, Wyclef Jean

Operator Please
Yes Yes Vindictive
Behind their dayglo music videos, Operator Please are a band of precocious Australian teenagers, no doubt reared on Interpol and The Rapture, who manage to evoke influential early eighties acts like Bow Wow Wow and the B52s. Despite the sounding suspiciously like a fashionable novelty act, their debut is consistently solid, occasionally great, and always fun.
ipod essential – Leave It Alone

Wyclef Jean
Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant
Sony BMG
Ex-Fugee Wyclef Jean returns after a decade with his grittier, post-911, post-Katrina follow up to ‘The Carnival’. While he manages to pack in a few ‘issues’ songs, his blend of hiphop, soul and reggae is as appealing as ever. The diverse but stellar list of guest spots includes Mary J Blige, Chamillionaire, Norah Jones, T.I., and Paul Simon. Very good.
ipod essential – Slow Down (feat T.I.)


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