Little Bushman, Dr Dre, Kurt Cobain Soundtrack

Little Bushman
Little Bushman/The Label
The artwork, sonics, and songwriting on this album will take you on a trip into an alternate history where the sixties ‘happened’ in New Zealand. Traces of Trinity Roots linger in the mellow message songs (‘Corrupt Demeanour’), but the upbeat rockers (the very Hendrix ‘Mary’) are unmistakably Bushman. The album drifts into atmospheric psychedelics, and closes with conscious acoustic numbers.
ipod essential – Nature of Man

Dr Dre
Death Row Dayz
Death Row/Shock
Dr Dre reshaped the musical landscape in the early nineties as the producer behind seductive and seminal hiphop records by Snoop Dogg and 2pac, and with his own album ‘The Chronic’. Debate over the moral and musical merit of gangsta rap has never subsided, but these recordings have aged well, while Dre’s reputation as a pop maverick has only grown.
ipod essential – 2pac, ‘Can’t C Me’

Kurt Cobain: About a Son Music from the Motion Picture
No Nirvana tracks here: instead, this is the soundtrack to an innovative documentary using cut-up interview recordings. It compiles a selection of the music that inspired Cobain, and provides ample evidence of his eclectic and impeccable taste, transcending punk/grunge ‘hardcore’ myopia. Hence, underground stalwarts like The Melvins and Half Japanese rub shoulders with Leadbelly and CCR.
ipod essential – The Vaselines, ‘Son of a Gun’


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