Cassette, Kafani

Welcome Back to Earth
Sheer Group
Not Wellington’s excellent country-rock outfit, but a different Cassette: soppy acoustic balladeers whose only point of interest is that they hail from Johannesburg. That, and the fact that they mark the emergence of a distinctive Tri-Nations strain of innocuous radio-friendly pop rock (witness their similarity with The Feelers, Missy Higgins, et al). Nothing to see here.
ipod essential – Love With The Light On

Money’s My Motivation
In case you missed the diamond-encrusted jewellery and piles of banknotes in the cover art, and the album title itself, the press release to ‘Money’s My Motivation’ helpfully explains that the songs here reflect Kafani’s ‘desire to be successful and make money’. Low-slung, dumbed-down west coast hiphop with plenty of 808 beats and sleazy analog synths. Tight but trite.
ipod essential – Fast (Like a Nascar)


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