Metropolitan Jazz Affair, Unk, Galactic, Let’s Planet

Let’s Planet: Bounce (Twanghead) 3/5
Four song EP from local folk rock stalwarts. Go-Betweens or has-beens? You decide.
ipod essential – For Love

Athlete: Beyond the Neighbourhood (Parlophone/EMI) 2/5
Disposable Coldplay-esque emo-britpop. The glitchy electronic details add a little interest.
ipod essential – Tokyo

Various: Hed Kandi The Mix: Summer 2007 (Hed Kandi) 3/5
Three CD collection of club tracks from the past couple of years. Often banging but not as cheesy as the cover suggests.
ipod essential – Frankie Knuckles – ‘Your Love’

Mexican Institute of Sound: Pinata (Cooking Vinyl) 3/5
Ninja Tunes style instrumental hiphop with hokey sixties Mexican samples. Quite cool.
ipod essential – Hip Hop No Pares

Galactic: From the Corner to the Block (Anti-/Shock) 3/5
Live band hiphop/funk, a la The Roots, with high calibre guest MCs (Mr Lif, Lyrics Born, etc).
ipod essential – Think Back

Various: Bargrooves The Black Collection (Seamless/Universal) 4/5
Two-CD set of nicely mixed sophisticated background music. Luomo-style dubby minimalism on disk one.
ipod essential – Outmode – ‘True (Silver City Mix)’

Unk: Beat’n Down Yo Block! (Koch/Shock) 3/5
Big cars, big bass, and big blunts reign on this passable album of (dirty) southern hiphop.
ipod essential – Smokin’ Sticky Sticky

Metropolitan Jazz Affair: Bird of Spring (Infracom/Border) 4/5
Smooth, cooly restrained jazz-funk/broken-beat fusion. A bit cheesy and kinda awesome.
ipod essential – Drifting

George and Queen: City (Gone Quiet Records) 3/5
Laudable but slightly clunky attempt to combine folky songwriting with programmed beats. Promising.
ipod essential – Loose Like Legs

The Managers: Take It or Leave It (A&R Records) 3/5
Pedestrian Black Seeds-y pop-ska. The album title says it all.
ipod essential – Sinister


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