The postmodernism generator/Dada engine

Built by Andrew C. Bulhak – just hit refresh for another essay…

Generates articles like:

  • Dialectic Theories: The cultural paradigm of consensus and Lacanist obscurity
  • The Fatal flaw of Narrative: Batailleist `powerful communication’ and deconstructivist deconstructivism
  • The Reality of Economy: Modern materialism and cultural conceptualist theory

Complete with fake authors and references.

Pretty incredible for a robot – every sentence is grammatical, but they’re also generally quite short, and there’s little logical flow within a paragraph. But that’s the joke, right?

On this page – – there are a whole lot of other ‘engines’:

  • A SubGenius brag generator
  • A crackpot rant generator
  • A script to generate intimidating-looking but bogus examination questions
  • A script to generate legalese
  • A manifesto generator

Facking excellent!


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