Babyshambles, The Go! Team

Musical wunderkind and celebrity waster Pete Doherty is more versatile than the average rock star, channelling a wide range of influences through his Auteurs-y new wave britpop filter: whether he’s borrowing a garage rock riff from Count Five (on ‘Delivery’), playing shambolically brilliant Neil Young-esque guitar (‘Carry On Up The Morning’), or slurring away like Shaun Ryder (‘Crumb Begging’). Brilliant.
ipod essential -– You Talk

The Go! Team
Proof of Youth
Memphis Industries/Shock
A brief, dense second album by eclectic, energetic act The Go! Team. Theirs is a manic collage of genres: hiphop meets indie rock, funk, and electro, reminiscent of Le Tigre or (at times) The Beastie Boys. Heavy on the samples and impressive guest vocalists, including Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Velvet Underground’s Mo Tucker, and the Double Dutch Divas. Great.
ipod essential –- Grip Like A Vice


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