Calvin Harris, Cinematic Orchestra

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris
Despite his self-mythologising about creating this album on an Amiga 500, Calvin Harris’s debut is actually very nicely produced, and far from disposable. The absurdist, satirical ‘I Created Disco’ and ‘Colours’ are of a kind of LCD Soundsystem meets Flight of the Conchords bent. Drum machines, vintage synths, and a dayglo sense of humour: electroclash lives!
ipod essential – Vegas

Cinematic Orchestra
Ma Fleur
Ex-Londoner and Ninja Tunes guru Jason Swinscoe returns with his first album in five years. Conceived in Paris as the soundtrack to an ‘imagined film’, Ma Fleur sees his carefully crafted jazzy atmospheric style more focused and narrative-based than ever. The album is entirely song-oriented, and his cast of vocalists (including Fontanella Bass) is superb. Recommended.
ipod essential – That Home


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