Corey Harris, Missy Higgins, Bad Religion, Lucid 3, Powderfinger, Cowboy Junkies

Corey Harris
Zion Crossroads
Classic sounding roots reggae. Why not support a contemporary artist instead of buying another reissue?
ipod essential – No Peace for the Wicked feat. Ranking Joe

Oi Va Voi
Oi Va Voi
Innovative hybrid of non-western folk music, pop, and electronica. A qualified success.
ipod essential – Black-Sheep

Carolina Moon
East of the Sun
Classy album from New Zealand-based jazz vocalist and her top-notch local backing band.
ipod essential – Coco

Hannah Curwood
Sky Above Horse Below
Curwood’s distinctive voice and poetic songwriting put her debut ahead of the folky pack.
ipod essential – This Old House

Missy Higgins
On a Clear Night
More radio friendly singer-songwriter pop from across the ditch. Cute as a button.
ipod essential – Secret

Bad Religion
New Maps of Hell
More like, “Bad Major Label Pop Punk”. Overproduced sloganeering, but their heart’s in the right place.
ipod essential – Requiem for Dissent

Lucid 3
Dawn Planes
Third LP from New Plymouth’s inheritors of proud Kiwi tradition of bland commercial pop rock.
ipod essential – Oh Sister

Dream Days at the Hotel Existence
Effective nineties-sounding power-pop classic-rock grunge. Better than that sounds.
ipod essential – Long Way To Go

Marissa Nadler
Songs III: Bird on the Water
Not quite as extraordinary, nor as likely to grate on your ears, as Joanna Newsom.
ipod essential – Silvia

Cowboy Junkies
At the End of Paths Taken
Twenty years on from ‘Sweet Jane’: older, wiser, and less exciting.
ipod essential – Still Lost


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