Outlines, Basia Bulat, KRS One & Marley Marl

KRS One & Marley Marl
Hip Hop Lives
An LP with this much old skool clout should kick serious ass, but only half the material here is up to scratch. KRS One’s at his most interesting when talking hiphop politics, (‘Kill A Rapper’, ‘I Was There’), but for the most part the productions and rapping here are neither vintage nor fresh enough to excite.
ipod essential – Musika

Basia Bulat
Oh My Darling
A small but perfectly formed LP of Canadian indie folk rock from the exotically named Basia Bulat. Joni Mitchell is the obvious reference point, but the album sounds contemporary, more akin to Canadian folk/soul/electronic artist Feist. Rootsy and a bit cute but not cloying: should sit nicely on your CD rack alongside Gillian Welch and Joanna Newsom.
ipod essential – ‘Little One’

Our Lives Are Too Short
This nice little broken beat/hiphop record on the excellent Sonar Kollektiv label from French act Outlines is poppy enough to appeal to Gorillaz fans, and underground enough for Gilles Peterson acolytes. Even when it borders on the cheesy (as on the massive Dusty Springfield-meets-Prefuse 73 single ‘Just a Lil’ Lovin’), there’s plenty going on.
ipod essential ‘Matter of Time’


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