Richard Thompson, Tommy, Macy Gray, Snowman

Richard Thompson: Sweet Warrior **** (Southbound)
UK folk-rock legend and guitar god returns. Fans will remain converted.

Macy Gray: Big ** (Geffen/Universal)
Ms Gray seeks to repeat the 1999 success of ‘I Try’ with more chick-flick R&B pop. Fergie and Natalie Cole guest.

Silverchair: Young Modern ** (EMI)
More grunge and show tunes from the ’Chair. They’re a little like Aussie Rules: massive at home, but does anyone outside Oz care?

Cobra Starship: While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets ** (Decaydance/Warners)
Woeful sub-Scissor Sisters emo glam-pop ear candy. Nice artwork, but.

Op Shop: Second Hand World ** (EMI)
Op Shop dish up another serving of overwrought radio-friendly Feelers/Coldplay-style soup.

Clutch: From Beale Street to Oblivion ** (DRT/Shock)
Angry Sabbath/Soundgarden riffing and vacuous preachy lyrics: its retro grunge time already? Shoot me now…

Tommy: Tomorrow I Might Go *** (Loop)
Why people make cruel jokes about Wellington music. Conscious white boy rasta represent.

Jim Jones: Hustler’s P.O.M.E. **** (Method/Shock)
Funky-but-trite sex, violence, and hiphop from label boss and ‘award-winning music video gangsta auteur’ Jones.

Snowman: Snowman **** (Dot Dash/Rhythmethod)
Franz Ferdinand meets Nick Cave meets 60s swamp rock, in Perth. Recommended.


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