Laura Veirs, Rumble in the Jungle

Laura Veirs
The bespectacled Laura Veirs and her decidedly bookish-looking backing band (beards and cardies all round) don’t look particularly interested in rocking hard or venting teen spleen and angst on record, and they’re not. Instead, the songs on Saltbreakers combine a timeless folky lyricism (nightingales and mountains and serpents) with the nineties indie vibe of Liz Phair or the Throwing Muses. Understated but solid.

Rumble in the Jungle
Soul Jazz/Southbound
Venerable reissuers Soul Jazz go retro nineties with an oldskool jungle compilation. Cue gunshots and time-stretched ragga vocals layered over manic breakbeats and massive, dubby bass pressure. An essential collection for anyone interested in the roots of drum’n’bass but too young to have been there, ‘Rumble’ proves that early ragga jungle was funkier and more fun than many of the later directions taken by the genre. Featuring ‘Original Nuttah’, ‘Super Sharpshooter’ and many more.


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