Gruff Rhys, Jamie T

Gruff Rhys
Rough Trade
From the opening line (‘A long time ago in the Kingdom of Candy…’) to the ridiculous, epic closing track (a mid-air action adventure ballad whose chorus eventually kicks in after over 13 minutes), Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys’s latest solo album is thoroughly whimsical, in the best sense of the word. ‘The Court of King Arthur’ sounds like The Kinks performing the Sesame Street theme, while ‘Lonesome Words’ has the spooky, mystical vibe of Scott Walker’s early solo work.

Jamie T
Panic Prevention
Young south Londoner Jamie T looks set to join enter the (modestly-sized) pantheon of UK hiphop greats with his entertaining debut album. There’s a refreshing ingenuousness to his wasted lyrics and strung out Kooks-accented vocals, as tracks like ‘Salvador’ and ‘Calm Down Dearest’ veer between manic messy verses and strongly melodic choruses. ‘If You Got The Money’ combines Jam-style observations of suburban life over jungle breaks (and manages to makes it work). Well worth checking out.


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