Cold War Kids, The Boy Least Likely To

Cold War Kids
Robbers & Cowards
New Musical Express’s current ‘next big thing’, Cold War Kids have produced an accomplished, angsty debut album. The edgy, reverb-heavy production, minimal guitar lines, and big chorus hooks sung in an odd falsetto, all combine to give a distinct Jeff Buckley-fronting-Interpol vibe. In other words, by-the-book ‘modern alternative’ guitar rock. There’s plenty enjoy here, and a few sly pop cultural references (especially to Dylan) for the trainspotters.

The Boy Least Likely To
The Best Party Ever
19 Recordings/Shock
Brunettes fans will adore the sixties-worshipping indie folk pop of this duo from deep in the English countryside. Everything about this album screams ‘cute’, from the child-like animal drawings on the cover to song titles like ‘Fur Soft As Fur’ and ‘Warm Panda Cola’. Analog synth squeaks, glockenspiels, and banjo pickin’ add colour to the acoustic strumming and watered-down Teenage Fanclub-esque singalong choruses. Uplifting or innocuous, depending on your perspective.


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