Switchfoot, Rock and Roll Machine

Oh! Gravity
Entertaining ‘modern alternative’ rock from Californians Switchfoot. The experienced production team of Steve Lillywhite and Tim Palmer make for a seamless listen as the band moves between crunchy Green Day-ish pop punk, and expansive Coldplay territory (‘Yesterdays’). The clumsy polemics of ‘American Dream’ (‘I want out of this machine/It doesn’t feel like freedom’) are a little dire, but there are plenty of enjoyable moments too, when the band strips back the fancy production and lightens up (‘Amateur lovers’, ‘4:12’).

Rock and Roll Machine
Rock and Roll Machine
(Self released)
Auckland rockists Rock and Roll Machine offer up nine songs in 26 squealing, breathless minutes. Admirably heavy and polished sounding given that the DIY recording was done partly in a garage, the band strikes just the right balance of melody and chaos. Inevitably, the slightly cartoonish seventies-rock-worshipping steez will remind you of The Datsuns, but there’s also a little of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in their roomy three piece squawk, and good whiff of The Stooges’ Raw Power too.


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