Hybrid, Incubus

I Choose Noise
Distinctive Records
The title of Hybrid’s latest album is a mystery: there’s nothing particularly noisy about this record, if anything it’s too slick for its own good. Mind you, that’s more or less the raison d’etre of this triphop-meets-progressive-house outfit. While there are a few slightly edgy moments (‘Choke’), most tracks are all blissed-out blandness (‘Until Tomorrow’). The presence of Peter Hook and Perry Farrell on ‘Dogstar’ will interest trivia buffs, but doesn’t help the music much.

Light Grenades
While a couple of tracks on Incubus’ latest offering betray their nineties metal roots, for the most here part they stick to their radio-friendly Californian alternative pop rock guns. The music is mostly aimless, and sometimes thoroughly mediocre: the attempted funk of ‘Anna Molly’ will make you forgive the Chili Peppers’ weakest moments. Still, there are some successful pop songs here, mostly based around Jeff Buckley-style vocals, like ‘Love Hurts’ and the soaring love song ‘Dig’.


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