Spacifix, Steriogram

Much Love
World Fresh

Something good will come of live funk/hiphop act Spacifix’s mixture of youthful vitality, virtuosity, and business savvy, but ‘Much Love’ is not it. The band’s TV-friendly pop sensibilities, and the presence of Hollywood producer Skip Saylor ensure this is an easy, if oddly dated (think Supergroove), listen. But lacking as it does any of the grit of an act like The Roots, this is strictly one for the kids.

This Is Not The Target Market
Short Stack Records
After a brief experience with life on a major, Hamilton’s Steriogram packed it in, and recorded and released their sophomore LP themselves. The heavier sound reflects their new freedom to do exactly what they always wanted: the question is whether or not this is a good thing. The result is fairly derivative pop grunge: thumping toms, buzzing guitars, and singalong choruses. As for the rap-rock tracks: just not cool.


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