Drunker radio

StereoNasties for last Friday 27 Jan 2006

Enjoyable show: got a few calls, and some emails (one from the UK), and was joined in the studio by Pole, the man from Pinehaven, and some ladies. Here’s the track list, it’s not in order cos I can’t remember it very clearly:

Rework – Jogging Beat (Roman Flugel’s Tender Feet Mix) – Playhouse
Trickski – Hormony – Compost
S.O.L.T. – Funkacidic – GRC Music
Carl Craig – Demented Drums – Planet E
Justus Kohncke – Timecode – Kompakt
Nathan Fake – Dinamo – Traum Schallplatten
M. Mayer – Privat – Kompakt
LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator – DFA
Marco Passarani – Tribute – Pigna
Legowelt – Disco Rout – Ghostly
The League Unlimited Orchestra – Do Or Die – Virgin
Steve Bug – FR 101.1 – Poker Flat
Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight – Uproar
Crane A.K. – Daisy Love – Force Tracks
Royalle Delite – I’ll Be a Freak for YOu – Skyview
Metro Area – Proton Candt – Environ
Alexander Robotnick – Dance Boy Dance (Paul Raymond Re-Edit) – Art of Disco
Bangkok Impact – The Floor
Kerri Chandler – Sunset – Nite Grooves
Matrix – Equator Music – Chain Reaction
Freeez – I Dub U – Beggars Banquet
Patrick Cowley – Get A Little – Unidisc
Los Hermanos – Birth of 3000 – UR
Telex – Moskow Diskow – Hansa International
Daniel Wang – Nights in Berlin – Environ
Lindstrom – Fast and Delerious – Feedelity
Mr Flagio – Take a Chance – ZYX
Purple Flash – We can Make It (Darshan Jesrani Lavender Lamp Mix) – Environ


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