Many thousands of commuters walking to work were treated to Wellington Central National Party candidate Mark Blumsky’s smug face grinning from the front page of Fairfax’s local rag The Wellingtonian this morning. He’s kindly been gifted a 20 square cm colour photo on the front page of the tabloid size freebie newspaper – the kind of campaign exposure that money can’t buy and politicians don’t have to declare. But that wasn’t the story, of course. The story was that someone has vandalised Blumsky’s car (‘A pair of eyes was drawn on it’ – the horror…) and trailer billboard. Cue humongous photo of Blumsky cuddling a National Party balloon at his newly opened National Party campaign headquarters on Manners Street. Big stacks of The Wellingtonian sit in footpath news-stands throughout the CBD, and I presume it’s distributed to suburban letterboxes too.

Remember people, when you buy the Dom Post, you’re only encouraging this kind of electioneering bullsh*t. Why not cut out the middlemagnate and donate $1.20 to the direct to the National Party instead?


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