‘I didn’t like Skywalker much, I thought it sounded like Flyswatter’

I’m not by any means a Star Wars geek – in fact the new movies are clearly sh*t – but this readers’ Q&A with Mark Hamill is worth a quick look. He may not be much of an actor, but he comes across pretty well – responding with grace to questions such as:

Luke Skywalker is a farm boy, a pilot, agrees with the right to bear arms and isn’t shy of getting involved in large-scale wars. Does he share any other traits with George W Bush?

What do you say when people ask why you’ve never done anything else of note?

What’s your reaction when people walk up behind you and boom: “I am your father”?

What does Han really think of Chewie? Sometimes he treats him like a human, and other times like a dog, patting him on the head.

Plus, he’s a Simpsons fan. By rights that must be the equivalent of being a commie in the McCarthy era?

Right now, I wanna live in Malibu too…


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