Grand Saloon, Hi-Aces, Sean O’Brien gig was a lot of fun on Friday.

Sean kept it nice’n’mellow to kick things off. We had an *okay* set, started out good. But as previously, the practicalities of amplifying acoustic instruments through a PA so they can be heard over bass and drums, and retain some of their natural character, and not feed back, kinda got in the way of just playing the songs.

I think next time we’ll have to go a little more straight-up electric. Kinda more roots rock/country territory, like John Hiatt or something, but less MOR. Another thing could be to do some recording, produce something sounding as good as we can sound at practices. It’d probably be a useful exercise in lots of ways, and would allow us to make effective use of cool instruments, without worrying about the mutant sound you get when you combine acoustic with electric in a live setting.

Speaking of electric, Grand Saloon were great, took it up another notch in terms of loudness and aggression. Not so much rockabilly punk as rockabilly metal – maybe it was the bass FX pedals and hard out drumming. Anyway it was a great night, lots of people, and general good times.


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