Zealous Lovers

Oh and I found this a little while back, which you really should read – best music writer in the biz writing about one of the most interesting labels of the last couple of years.


2 thoughts on “Zealous Lovers

  1. nathan says:

    James Murphy. think son of a rich man. think murphy’s beer. (huge in the UK – is it in NZ).

    thought it was kinda intresting…thats all…(ok theres something about the guy i don’t like, like the way he made Death From Above change there name…and i like them and i had to much beer. shit. i’m not making sense. dammit)

  2. Steve Kerr says:

    Hmm, I was not aware of that – still, I love the LCD Soundsystem album… Maybe guess you don’t get to be a smartass New York producer music guy without plenty of pocket money to buy records? Murphy’s as in major competitor to Guiness? Wow, that’s interesting – makes him a little like WS Borroughs

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