People Under the Stairs at Sandwiches

with GND

Thursday 26 August 2004


People Under the Stairs often get tagged as an ‘underground’ act – and sure, their profile isn’t huge – but to anyone who’s heard one of their albums, it’s a party. It’s not stern, it’s not abstract, it’s not complex, it’s a party. It’s funk samples and raps about getting pissed and getting stoned. How is that underground? I don’t know…

P.U.T.S. (aka MC/producers Double K and Thes One) are Californian and proud, and at the outset of their gig at Sandwiches they promised to create an old school LA house party vibe. Like most of the crowd, I hadn’t been to any old school LA house parties, so I can’t vouch for their success in those terms, but it was a wicked show. There was no DJ, just two MCs, some decks for the occasional scratch courtesy of Double K, and big ol’ drum machine plugged straight into the PA. And what a fine thing that is – crystal clear snappy snares and phat booming kicks. Add to that simple but perfect true school loops and great flows about stupid immature stuff and you’ve got a wicked night. These guys knew how to hype a crowd – flogging the “and we thought Shelbyville rocked…” parochial/local vibe to good effect. Early on, Thes One (the skinnier, whiter MC) even did a little costume change and came out in a 80s greaser afro wig and shell suit. Much mirth ensued. P.U.T.S. seemed genuinely stoked with the gig – so don’t miss ’em when they come back for more.

GND rocked the opening slot – look out for their album, due to drop any week now. And once again, big up 5AM for consistently bringing out the realest overseas/underground(ish) acts to Aotearoa.


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