Time for a cool change

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally down with changing the flag, and a referendum is surely the way to do it. But I’ve got a few reservations about nzflag.com.

The site has been set up by some ad exec “a flag is a brand” twat. While it purports to be simply pushing for a referendum, it looks to me as though it has a pretty clear agenda in favour of the All Blacks flag, which is pasted all over the site and promotional t-shirts.

Hundertwasser’s flag, which has long been proposed and championed as an alternative to the current Union Jack embarassment, is presented unsympathetically as a pixellated, garishly (mis-) coloured gif.

Anyway, my new favourite its Dick Frizzell’s design:

It’s about as cool as Hundertwasser’s, with the advantage of having been designed by a prominent NZ artist. I think that’s important. To choose a new flag designed by an Austrian, no matter how styley, would undermine the whole national pride/identity thing that is driving people’s desire for change in the first place.


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