Hi-Aces’ Country Ham

Thanks to everyone who showed up to Bodega on Sunday for the first gig of The Hi-Aces (Wellington). We had a real cool time and it sounded okay I reckon, for a first gig by some rank amateurs. We’ll be hitting the practice room, working out a few more songs and coming back better, badder and drunker in the not too distant future.

For the record, our set consisted of:

– You Don’t Miss Your Water (William Bell)

– So Much Wine (The Handsome Family)

– Rowboat (Beck)

– Hickory Wind (The Byrds)

– Messin’ with the Kid (The Saints)

– That’s the Way that the World Goes Round (John Prine)

Muchas gracias also to Ben (Das Ben) and Mark and Kali (The Bridge of Sighs) and Bevan (Aspen/Signer) for doing sound.

In a wierd and fortunate quirk of fate, The Hi-Aces (Christchurch) had their first gig with the new line up on Friday at the Wunderbar. Sounds like they too kicked ass, so nice work all round peoples…


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