A plague of tribute bands

So now Wellington has been blessed with its very own dedicated U2 ‘tribute’ band, Even Better Than the Real Thing. They can be added to the current list of UK guitar legend covers acts – Salford Lads Club (The Smiths) and Wazzo Clash (The Clash). SLC have the best name and the biggest reputation, but I’m curious to see Wazzo Clash. Not so curious that I’d actually pay, mind. It’s just a pity they’ve got such a sh*t name.

Maybe this is happening all over the world and I just don’t know it? The cynic in me can’t help feeling like it’s all a bit sadsack, themed covers bands. Problem is, the choice of band to cover has to be pretty obvious for the concept to have a wide enough appeal to pull a crowd. I’d be pretty keen to see some less predictable choices…

Some time ago, some Chch friends were talking of doing a Joy Division covers band, called Joy Derision. I don’t think it ever happened.

Where will it end? And when will we get a synthpop covers band? They could be called The Numan League. Or maybe, Newer Order.


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