Walked past a Billy TK poster on the way to work. …

Walked past a Billy TK poster on the way to work. Cool that he’s still making a living out of music. He played in Christchurch a year or two ago and it must have been the first time in ages, cos the bar was packed and the audience giving the guy the kind of massive respect that earnest young sensitive liberal white guys feel is due to brown guys playing ‘the blues’. I remember feeling the same way when I saw him at old Bodge or Bluenote or somewhere years back, until I remembered how profoundly boring instrumental guitar w*nk blues is. Mind, you his Little Wing beats the hell out of any busker I ever heard.

Wierdly in the same vein, I saw a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band called Rude Mood play at the Angus Inn in Lower Hutt last weekend (it’s a long story…). SRV so completely sucks arse, although it felt like I was getting the authentic nostalgic experience that Salford Lads Club are supposed to be offering. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but in my late 80s suburban NZ early adolescence, there was very little Smiths going round, and an awful lot of Led Zep, Jimi, SRV, Doors etc. Authentic nostalgia aside, it all reminded me of what an total waste of time Lower Hutt is/was/can be. The only thing that made it okay was the fact that the crowd of bogans (and they were actually bogans) were completely into it.


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