Subject: breathing deeply

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 17:26:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Steve Kerr”

scoober is good. you get to dress in rubber head to foot. from the bottom, the surface is like a big wobbly mercury ceiling. you can fly around in slo mo. you can do somersaults and no water goes up your nose.

there is a vertical column of bubbles above everyone’s head. the bubbles are also wobbly mercury, and they fall upwards and pop on the surface like when you hoik off a building and the glob falls downwards, then seems to hover above the ground as it reaches the limits of your depth perception, then splats on baldy’s kopf.

in the sea you can check out the lush plant life, like in the bush. the floor is covered in red and olive kelp which swings with the surge of the waves. and there are big yellow sponges, kina, sea slugs, starfish, crays.

the colour scheme is flawless. everything complements everything else, there are many different textures and shapes. there is depth. there is variation and contrast. the light has been subtley filtered to give a mellow bluish tinge to everything.

there are a lot of fish. blue cod, spotties, rock fisk, scarlet wrasse, butterfish. fish are pretty friendly. their eyes are surprisingly cute.

fat englishmen who are positively bouyant appear exaggeratedly oafish and uncomfortable under water. their ruddy cheeks bulge out from under their mask. they drop downwards suddenly, bang against rocks. their greenpolyester clad asses float upwards while their stubby arms desperately try to swim downwards. the fatty ass always wins this battle.

we did an exercise called ditch and recovery where we take off our mask, tank, fins, weights, shoot up to the surface, then have to dive down and put it all back on again. when you dive five metres into the water, scramble around blind looking for your regulator and finally after a little too long deprived of air take a deep breath and another couple of deep breaths and some more and slowly you heart rate returns to normal, your breathing is under control again, it feels really good.

air is great.


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