Subject: trails and rituals

Mon, 12 Apr 1999 17:52:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Steve Kerr”

lichen is a symbiosis of plant and fungi.

it grows on the top of mountains, around little round pebbles, forming fields of naturally occurring hackysacks. it has many friends: moss, gentian, tussocks, and tightly-knit communities of crazily divaricating bushes in tasteful autumn tones,
reflecting tightly-knit communities of crazily happy campers back into the sky and onto one another.

the constituent members of alpine ecosystems seem to work together to create a hospitable spot where no hospitable spot should be. high on a ridge where standing still is deafening, where snow-falls and ice-forms fall and form, where winds can easily hold up leaningintoit happy campers and ruffle their feathers and dizzy their senses, the alpine ecosystems create a warm still quiet haven. shelter from the wind awaits said campers down low in the bushes with the mossylichen and the aforementioned divaricating bushes and soft grassy earth.

higher altitude brings too much weather and no plants or fungi nor sybioses of the two. just hundreds of purple and blue tourists with tan pants. snow falls straight down and the whole effect is very sky-(weatherwindsnow)-oriented. so, at its
mostoutermost outthere doesn’t belong here freaky point, the earth decides if it can’t beat the sky and sustain life (not even symbiotic life or complex cooperative ecosystems)then it’ll let out a big stinker. this spreads pooey gases, and leaves cobalt and emerald pisspools to have tea by and a yellow crust around its nose and little bits of ashy shit all over the place. but its not messy, it turns out to be incredibly styley, so the tourists and happy campers think. and its warm.

warmth gives life to some green algae.

and sitting on the ground at the top of this mountain gives you a hot arse.

nice one earth!


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